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welcome to indiemixtape, the leading community for all you indie music mix tape lovers. go wild.. this is for sharing and everything else, recommending music to swapping cds

some rules

uno. this is a community based on making and trading indie (experimental, rock, screamo, emo, hardcore, whatever the fuck you want) mixes. remember, indie means independent so this is the place for all your obscure stuff. the random pop song is always welcome, but no backstreetstylee mixes, por favor.

dos. this is a community for making friends from all over. talk about whatever you like or have interests in. feel free to comment on other people's entries, you know you like it when you get comments, so do the same for everyone else.

tres. please don't post nonsense. discussion=good; shit=not tolerated.

cuatro. spam us & die. this includes grubbing for mp3s (try the artist's lj community, i'd like to avoid public mp3 trading, okay, because i believe it violates LJ's terms of service -- plus, there's already indie_exchange and _some_song_, which is modded by one of our members, for those services), quizzes, violating lj's terms of service, and posts chock full of nonsense

cinco. some people like shitty music. actually, a lot of people do and some of them wouldn't know good music if it hit them over the head. however, if someone makes a mix you think is gross, please don't everyone bash him/her endlessly. try to give constructive critism. offer some suggestions, say why it is horrible. this isnt about who is the biggest elitist here, and who can make the most people look dumb.

cinco punto cinco. there's a difference between flaming and ribbing. please learn to recognize the difference. there are word cues that will let you know when a member is being sarcastic or serious. please also learn to recognize these. and remember that, in the end, this is just the internet.

seis. last but not least, have fun. if you have criticism on how this place is run or quality control issues, please AIM me at bluemeanie03.

happy mixing!
bluemeanie99, deathcabformel

ps: if you have any comments, concerns, questions, or even suggestions for the memories section, feel free to comment here or in my journal

People that have been banned will go here:

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