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Making money with prank calls

Getting your prank call album(s) available for sale has never been easier. This is not 2000 anymore. No longer are you at the mercy of finding a brick and mortar distributor and being at the mercy of actually getting paid by that distributor. No longer do you have to manufacture CD's and guess if you are over or under manufacturing. No longer do you have to ship CD's off to a distributor. In fact these days, even though people are still buying CD's, I do not recommend manufacturing any CD's even for direct order sales through your home website. Digital distribution is the way to go.

Simply set up an account with Catapult distribution if you expect low demand or are unsure of demand at iTunes and Amazon.com's digital music store. Catapult has a one time set up fee and they take a percentage of your sales.

If you later discover that you have higher demand then you can always switch to Tunecore. Tunecore has a higher annual fee while pocketing zero percentage of sales. I have been with Tunecore for about 10 years and they have delivered as promised.

Keep in mind that Tunecore and Catapult also distribute to all kinds of other sites like Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Deezer, eMusic, Slacker, Groove and a zillion other "stores" that I liken to Pirate Bay paying peanuts. The problem is that these are on-demand sites. People can listen to your entire album or pick and choose songs -- only they aren't paying iTunes or Amazon prices. That's a problem if you are an established artist with a following! Do you want to give your music away like that? Maybe if you are an unheard of new artist with little sales. Since I already generated a missive buzz through Howard Stern and Crank Yankers on Comedy Central I opted out of all of these so-called "stores". As far as I'm concerned these stores only serve to cannibalize my sales.

Tunecore and Catapult also collect royalties for YouTube if you opt in, usually by paying a nominal one time fee of perhaps $20. I recommend allowing YouTube plays of some of your tracks even if you have large digital album sales numbers. You can control what gets posted on YouTube and what doesn't by filling out a take-down notice on YouTube. I allow about 1/4 to 1/3 of my album tracks to remain posted on YouTube as a form of promotion.

Now what about Internet radio stations? I am all for actual radio station or Internet radio stations like Pandora Radio because they are not on-demand sites. In fact one prank call radio station on Pandora airs one of my calls about every other track that's played. But it's purely random. A listener can't decide to listen to track 5 off Customer Service Disasters or listen an entire album in its entirety on demand.

SoundExchage.org is a non-profit rights organization that collects royalties from digital radio stations including Sirius Radio. SoundExchage.org even has a team of lawyers that will fight for all of the artists that it collects royalties for. They actually found me and I was glad they did! Once signed up, all you do is watch checks come in every quarter. It doesn't get any easier.

There you have it. You're ready to make money. In my next article I talk about promoting your prank call album.


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Nov. 15th, 2016 02:00 pm (UTC)
There you have it You're ready to make money In my next article I talk about promoting your prank ca
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