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Welcome to indiemixtape! We love to see your mixes but before posting a request for songs, check the tags (they're over on the right) and see if we've already got you covered.

Mix away!

Making money with prank calls

Getting your prank call album(s) available for sale has never been easier. This is not 2000 anymore. No longer are you at the mercy of finding a brick and mortar distributor and being at the mercy of actually getting paid by that distributor. No longer do you have to manufacture CD's and guess if you are over or under manufacturing. No longer do you have to ship CD's off to a distributor. In fact these days, even though people are still buying CD's, I do not recommend manufacturing any CD's even for direct order sales through your home website. Digital distribution is the way to go.

Simply set up an account with Catapult distribution if you expect low demand or are unsure of demand at iTunes and Amazon.com's digital music store. Catapult has a one time set up fee and they take a percentage of your sales.

If you later discover that you have higher demand then you can always switch to Tunecore. Tunecore has a higher annual fee while pocketing zero percentage of sales. I have been with Tunecore for about 10 years and they have delivered as promised.

Keep in mind that Tunecore and Catapult also distribute to all kinds of other sites like Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Deezer, eMusic, Slacker, Groove and a zillion other "stores" that I liken to Pirate Bay paying peanuts. The problem is that these are on-demand sites. People can listen to your entire album or pick and choose songs -- only they aren't paying iTunes or Amazon prices. That's a problem if you are an established artist with a following! Do you want to give your music away like that? Maybe if you are an unheard of new artist with little sales. Since I already generated a missive buzz through Howard Stern and Crank Yankers on Comedy Central I opted out of all of these so-called "stores". As far as I'm concerned these stores only serve to cannibalize my sales.

Tunecore and Catapult also collect royalties for YouTube if you opt in, usually by paying a nominal one time fee of perhaps $20. I recommend allowing YouTube plays of some of your tracks even if you have large digital album sales numbers. You can control what gets posted on YouTube and what doesn't by filling out a take-down notice on YouTube. I allow about 1/4 to 1/3 of my album tracks to remain posted on YouTube as a form of promotion.

Now what about Internet radio stations? I am all for actual radio station or Internet radio stations like Pandora Radio because they are not on-demand sites. In fact one prank call radio station on Pandora airs one of my calls about every other track that's played. But it's purely random. A listener can't decide to listen to track 5 off Customer Service Disasters or listen an entire album in its entirety on demand.

SoundExchage.org is a non-profit rights organization that collects royalties from digital radio stations including Sirius Radio. SoundExchage.org even has a team of lawyers that will fight for all of the artists that it collects royalties for. They actually found me and I was glad they did! Once signed up, all you do is watch checks come in every quarter. It doesn't get any easier.

There you have it. You're ready to make money. In my next article I talk about promoting your prank call album.


does anyone still come by here?

i used to be an 17 year old boy in singapore who found out about 'indie' music through this site (previously i only listened to 'post hardcore' stuff like taking back sunday and brand new)

though i never posted much to the group, its existence did somehow mean a lot to me, and the songs i found here helped me

how is everyone?

Rebecca Stephens - "Where The River Flows"

I fancy a boy and am currently making him a mixtape.
His favorite band is Coldplay, he loves dancing in the car with me like a goofball, and he once wore tear-away-pants while I wore a prom dress on an outing together... I'm smitten. We both love old vinyl records and anything with amazing background music to drive to. He plays the mellophone in a marching band, and I think he's thoroughly swell. Help a sissssta out, please! (:

Mixtape: Sounds like Coldplay, i-like-you-far-too-much, silly driving songs, oldies-but-greaties.

PS, his favorite songs to play in the car are currently Up In Flames by Coldplay and F*ck a Dog in the as* by Blink-182, if that helps. :D


Who is the King - Fabian Willems

The Netherlands’ Fabian Willems really delivers on “Who Is The King?” which is an inspirational track praising the King of kings. The song begins with a beautiful violin and guitar lead in, and remains solid and mesmerizing until completion. Willems is so strong and passionate that is comes shining through loud and clear, and you know he is a true believer in the savior. And if you’re not, you will be by the time you finish listening to this thought provoking track. Willems proclaims, “No one compares to you, oh Lord./You are the King!” and when he sings this, you understand what devotion to and love for the Lord are. His music is powerful and very moving. The band plays with all of their God given talents with precision and perfection and the entire collaboration is excellent. The shots of Mr. Willems standing in fields, by rivers, and by trees just praising in sight and sound the glory of God. You can really tell his love is real and this is what the King of kings has made possible – a man’s ability to make such beautiful and touching music along with a very likeable video presentation.

Who is the King - Fabian Willems

The bar of the new pop-rock world is set even higher with the release of Michael Addison’s ALWAYS YOU. Along with his title single, the CD includes others hits, COME BACK TO ME, SHE KNOWS, and LAST WORDS. With contributions from Christine Wu (Justine Timberlake/Usher) and Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul) ALWAYS YOU is sure to impress listeners of all ages. ALWAYS YOU is available online, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
Along with the CD, Addison released his debut music video ALWAYS YOU, directed by Geoffrey McNeil of GSM Entertainment. After working with clients such as John Mayer and Kanye West, GSM was eager to take on this exciting project with Michael Addison. Celebrity appearances by super model Heidi Cortez and Sean Winchester (Everclear) add to the fun surprises throughout the video. The tongue and cheek story is a hilarious ride with Michael and his monkey best friend. Be sure to check out the ALWAYS YOU music video on Addison’s Youtube channel at youtube.com/michaeladdisonvideoes.
To learn more about Michael Addison visit AddisonM.com

Black Rabbit - An Autumn Musical Feast

Black Rabbit Festival, as the first Chinese Bi-city music festival, was held last weekend in Beijing and Shanghai. Nearly 30 bands and artists joined the festival, including both top international and domestic bands, providing music fans from all over the world with a brilliant music show.
One of the most eye-catching performances was Hanggai, a band from Mongolia. They wore Mongolian costumes, and they used many different instruments, ranging from Mongolian, to electronic guitar, bass, etc. They combined Mongolian music and rock music in a perfect way. Starting with a song dedicated to Genghis Khan, they immediately caught all the attention. The vocalist brought us several songs that are related to grassland in an extremely passionate way, and he also said that it reminded him of his hometown when he saw the grassland, blue sky, clouds, and breeze here in suburban shanghai. The exquisite guitar skills, enthusiastic singing style of the vocalist and guitarist, and the deep and exotic voice of the matouqinist were all very impressive. And as usual, they were drinking beer while giving the show.
Hebe, the beautiful singer from Taiwan, was on stage afterwards. She totally overthrew her usually calm and sweet image by crazily dancing and shaking her orange hair while singing a Beatles song. Different from other indie music artists playing here, Hebe belongs to the league of mainstream pop singers. She also encouraged her fans to pay more attention to Chinese indie music. She gave her fans a great show and sang eleven songs in a row. As a tribute to Hebe, her song called 'Love' was performed in a remixed version by DJ Otakrew on the adjacent NBA STREET JAM stage.
More info: http://china.musicdish.com/

N-O - "Mother" Featuring Sydney B

Hip hop artist N-O’s video Mother” is a dramatic and emotionally charged anthem to a mom who passed away too soon and all the hurt ad memories that are left behind. The video is well produced with crisp, clear images portraying sadness and grief, as well as pictures of mothers caring and praying for their children. Paced at an appropriately slow tempo, the song, which features Sydney B, has impact and meaning as the vocals get right to the point: “I miss my mother, It’s so hard/I know she’s in a better place, But I can’t stop the tears/Can’t stop the tears/” and “I called my father/He told me my mother just died/I’m trying to be strong, I’m hurting inside/So I cover up/I’m smiling, telling jokes/ But the day my mother died was the day my heart broke/.” This is a beautiful and loving memorial to a woman who was obviously a wonderful mom, and a reminder to us all to cherish our mothers while they’re still here with us.

N-O - "Mother" Featuring Sydney B

Indie Music people from all points North, South East and West will converge on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, September 30 - October 2, 2011 for the Independent Music Fest Nashville.
We're having a Pitch Fest. Come play on multiple indoor stages performing artist & songwriters stage slots are available. The goal of the event is to pair performing artist with original songwriters who have the types of material the Artist are seeking for their Acts. By mixing the two together we hope to get writers products in the hands of others who are working shows. This is Music Row and it is Music City, USA, so do not be shy!
4 Ways To Sign Up! Registration Is Open. We would like to invite everyone out there who either is an Indie music professional or is trying to be one. This is the age of independents. If you want to be scheduled to play, pitch, party, path find visit us at www.IndependentMusicFest.org

Asia J has done it again, with her new hit single "Lite Them Up". The superstar that Asia J has grown to be, is taking the hip hop World by storm. Lite Them Up is one out of seven singles on her album 13 Scrolls, which in many people's eye sight is a Grammy album.
Asia J has accomplished to beat down all competition in many hip hop charting systems, including reverberation, holding down the number 3 spot next to Da Troopa and Philadelphia's own Meek Mills.
Wow with hits like "Lite Them Up" it's not a surprise why Asia J is blowing up globally and showing up as a feature artist on national and international websites everywhere. The truth about the matter is that, Asia J has what it Takes to make not just amazing songs, but to be seen as a brand name talented and business that will change the music scene for many life times to come.
The official release date for "Lite Them Up" is set for September 6, 2011



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